Config parameter form_action usage unclear, and can break system

I am a newbie with phpList. I am configuring it (3.2.4) on a sub-domain ( under PHP 5.6.13 and, more importantly Microsoft-IIS/8.5Microsoft-IIS/8.5 rather than Apache.

I review the entire configuration file and come across $form_action

As I am on “windoze” it appears that it should be applicable to me. So I remove the #.

I was not getting the “Method not allowed” problem - but the implication is that it’s to do with an IIS implementation and may be I have just not hit the combination yet.

When I try to edit a existing campaign, the next/prev/tabs no longer navigate as expected (within the campaign) - all return me straight to the selection screen (“Choose an existing draft campaign to work on”) with no data saved.

This occurs identically with Firefox and Edge.

Clearly this breaks the system. So whilst I am not certain what problem the parameter is solving, unless it is actually a failure that I would be getting exactly here, using this parameter may create problems.

It no long causes me a problem - as I have simply commented it out again - as long as I don’t get the “Method not allowed” error. But may cause others some grief.