Conditions don't work since Update


after two years of non-updating we updated our system a few days ago to the actual version. Since this update, we have problems with our condition-codes in the e-mails.

This code is now displayed completely in every mail:

{CONDITIONAL|[ANREDE=Frau]|Sehr geehrte Frau [NACHNAME],|}
{CONDITIONAL|[ANREDE=Herr]|Sehr geehrter Herr [NACHNAME],|}
{CONDITIONAL|[ANREDE=EMPTY]|Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,|}

Is there a possibility to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

@BeyondFiveStars I guess that you are using a plugin for this. Check on the Manage Plugins page whether it is enabled.

@BeyondFiveStars Actually it looks like you are using this old custom modification

You will need to re-apply those changes to the new version of phplist that you installed.

There is a plugin that does something similar, Conditional Placeholders plugin, but it is no longer supported. See

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@BeyondFiveStars Welcome to the phpList forum!

If you just want to use fallback values in case attributes (like first name) are missing, then that is supported by phpList by default. See the “fallback words” section of this manual page: