CommonPlugin update fails

phpList ver. 3.6.7
php ver 5.6

Updating the plugin from version 3.18.3+20220415 to 3.25.1 causes the install to fail, just a black white page.

I seem to meet the base version requirements.
Updating via the update button in PHPlist plugin section.

@UtopiaOperaX The required minimum php version might now be incorrect. I probably use features of php that require php 7 without thinking about that.

You should look to use the current version of php which is php 8.1 or php 8.2.

Sure, we do plan on moving over to php74 and/or 8 in the future, but we have legacy sites on the same server using php56 still. Just that I followed the requirements as per instructions and it crashed the site so quite concerning.