Common plugin download?

Hi @duncanc - I don’t see the common plugin here: - where is it now? Also the RSS doesn’t have a download, is that something we usually do or do you need to do it?

The RSS Feed plugin is there, but the plugins are not shown in ascending order of name so you might have missed it.

Someone wouldn’t install Common Plugin on its own. It is a dependency of some other plugins and is referenced in the README on each plugin’s GitHub page.

So if I just installed the RSS plugin it would be bundled in?

No, it is not bundled in with other plugins as that is not possible.

Because of the need to install Common Plugin along with, say, the RSS Feed Plugin, I want people to go to the README file on GitHub to see the installation instructions and any other dependencies, such as the php version required. For the same reason I don’t have a download link on the plugin page.

ah ok I see :smile: Makes sense!