Commandline array

I have been using the following for years…
$commandline_users = array(“jose”, “jondi”, “ctab”);

as of three days ago the system quit sending and it boiled down to the array. I changed it to the basic array below and the emails are now going out again.
$commandline_users = array();

Can you explain this for me?

@johntrot Not sure; did you upgrade phpList or your server system packages over the last few days? Any updates or changes to the shell that you’re using could have caused it, or perhaps change to the unix users on your server. Was your version of PHP upgraded?

phpList’s commandline system for user management hasn’t changed in years as far as I can recall.

Php version was upgraded to 7.3 but within 24 hrs moved back to 5.6…
No emails were sent during that time.

The next time a blast was scheduled (72 hrs later) was when the problem was discovered.

Interesting that the problem coincided with the PHP upgrade; were other packages upgraded at the same time which relate to your shell or PHP extensions?