CLICKTRACK doesn't work with API

if create and update newsletter with api when send the newsletter generete wrong urls but if update from the phplist backend the links work. The code html is equal but the api doens’t create and update the informations into the table *_messagedata but only into in *_message.

I use the last version of phplist (3.3.1) and the official plugin v3

Thanks a lot

@sismi I think that you will need to raise this problem on the plugin’s GitHub page . To do that you will need to register with GitHub first.

But you mentioned using v3 of the plugin. From what I can see there are only v1 and v2, and you need to use v1 with phplist 3.

Thank you, My message is wrong, I use this plugin and if you read the code for “function campaignUpdate” it update only $GLOBALS[‘tables’][‘message’]

OK, but you still need to raise the problem on the plugin’s GitHub page.

I don’t know if this the problem or the core

@sismi Please can you clarify whether you are using REST API v1 or v2? Once this issue is reported to the issue tracker it will be investigated further.

@samtuke I use the stable version V1

@sismi Thank you. Unfortunately we are not actively maintaining that version any longer. You can submit a pull request to patch the issue on GitHub, or wait until the new REST API is released. Unfortunately there aren’t many other options at this time.