Clicks and views before and after update

Hello, there seems to be a huge difference regarding the results of the campaigns before and after the update from the few days ago
Here is an example
9 March 2018, so before the update
|Unique Views|4468|

11 March 2018, after the update
|Unique Views|142|

Both have similar content and the same email lists, but the results are clearly different. I have sent already 2 emails to the support team, havent received an answer.
So, is the platform fully working or not?

Hello, Suela from phpList support team here. Yes, the platform is fully working. Can you please let us know the name of your installation for us to check?

date4u that is the name. Please check it
Also I can see I am still on v3.3.1, not v3.3.2

Yesterday campaign had 0 views 0 clicks 0 bounces, a few hours after it was finished. Something is wrong