Click url not tracking

I have aws enabled in php list and it works

url clicks are good for test email from campagin but when campaign is sent url its stripped of link tracking and direct link to target link ,so links do work but the tracking is stripped ,
did see few other threads here did not see any answer so posting here
thank you
do see define(‘CLICKTRACK’, 1);
running 3.3.4 aws on linux shared hosting ,small list

any one has link clicks tracking disabled ?

Are you saying that links in a test email have been replaced by the click tracking mechanism, but when the campaign is sent then the links have not been replaced?
I cannot see how that can happen, so please can you show the source html of the emails?

yes its txt email so not html format,not sure if this happens to anyone else
these are on shared hosting though

for send test email i get two emails one with link tracking (localhost ) other without (probably amzn ses)
when i send email as amzn ses is enabled php list sends the email without link tracking (assuming amzn ses is called and not local phpmail)
sharing here if anyone has similar issues more info