Click-links in subscriber emails result in 404 errors when attempting to use them

Problem Statement
Click-links in subscriber emails result in 404 errors when attempting to use them.

Current Configuration
`$pageroot = ‘/list’; (Note the /link (no “s”) from install. This is different than the default “/links”. All site and messaging acticity works as planned except for the incorrect email links causing the error.’


  • An extra config.php $pageroot value is being added to the URL after the message is created. The same extra $pageroot value is being added to text-only messages.
  • Email links to subscribers gets changed to = ‘…’; (extra directory added into link resutls in 404 Error).
  • The [WEBSITE] variable looks related to the issue. The url/link text in the emails is correct when we save the message. Then the extra %pageroot appears to be added somewhere after that.

Configuration Change Test 1
$pageroot = ''; (After reading DO NOT DO THIS - we did it anyway). Others indicated that this solved the issue - though it seems to be a workaround and not a fix.

Configuration Change Test 1 Result

  • Links worked correctly in the test emails because the extra %Pageroot was removed the link.
  • The URL for both HTML and text messages was correctly formed.
  • Persistent warnings screen and at login about %pageroot being changed.

Reset Configuration to Install

  • After testing, we reset $pageroot = ‘/list’;
  • The extra %pageroot reappeared in the email links. The site works as planned except for this issue.


  • Where else can these extra email %pageroot variables being added?
  • Is there another easy way to solve this problem?

In your config>Settings>General Settings, what value have you got for your Website Address? Does that also include /lists ?

That, Sir, was a PERFECT call! Many thanks.

We had the domanname.ext/list in the field for general settings.
What was odd is that the /list was only being added in on some of the emails.
Others went fine and the click-links did not include the /list addition.

Never thought to click on the helper text on that field, which interestingly enough says:
"This is the domain or subdomain name of the website where you run phpList. Do not include the scheme nor the path to phpList. e.g. or ".

Many thanks, again. Phplist is a refreshing app - it does what is says it does very well. It reminds me of apps pre-bloatware! Will consider becoming a paid user if we can get our business growing.

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