Clarification on suppression list functionality or domain

Good evening,
I have been looking for a way to denylist an entire domain from subscribing (legal reasons) when the individual email addresses are unknown. It looks like maybe the suppression list might be the way to go but I can’t tell from the documentation or source whether it supports address wildcards. Does anyone have the answer to whether i should pursue using the suppression list or if there is some better way that i’m missing?

Thank you for your time

@Ptisan The “suppression list” is just another term for blacklisting an email address, so doesn’t stop someone subscribing.

You might want to look at the disposablemailblock plugin, file admin/plugins/disposablemailblock.php
It has a list of domains that should not be allowed to subscribe

 private $disposable_domains = array(
    ## mailinator

You could add your problem domain to that list, or just replace the llist by your own if you are not interested in blocking disposable email addresses. Then enable the plugin.

When you upgrade phplist the file would probably be overwritten so if you do use this approach copying the file to a new plugin (change the class name to match the file name as well) might be better.

I think that’s exactly what i’m looking for! Thank you for the swift response! If there’s something ive learned over time, it’s that looking at a problem for too long can blind you to the solution. Thanks for the second set of eyes :blush: