Ckeditor width overlfows into content pane

This is exceedingly frustrating - there is an option to adjust the width of ckeditor but making it wide enough, i.e., 700, to hold the entire content of the email message:

  1. overflows into the Content pane of the message area and;
  2. the navigation bar with community news and recently visited gets in the way.

Is there a way to remove the navigation pane on the right side so that the width of the editor can expand or in the alternative, adjust the width of the content pane to accomodate the width of the cdkeditor?

Thank you.

@pancakehollow This was raised recently on the bug tracking system
The proposed change is to limit the width of the editor so that it always fits in the phplist main area, which will cause scroll bars to be displayed if the editor width (700 in your case) is greater.
You can try the maximise toolbar button, to display the full message content.