Ckeditor and kcfinder

I have install the plugin all ok
I create a campagne all ok
I will insert a image then start kcfinder all ok
I show my picture all ok
I select the image and then is the url to image not correct.

My subdomain gos to "phplist/public_html"
In config.php is the fullpath to image "phplist/public_html/userfiles/image"
The viewer works correct with this parameter
By insert the image is in the url:
Right is:
I dont now what the problem

Thx for help

You do not want “public _html” to be part of the URL.
In the config.php file what value do you have for this setting

$pageroot = '/lists';

and what is the file system path to the web root directory?

here is my root on server:

my subdomain is on:

starting with:

in config.pgp:
$pageroot = ‘/lists’;

fckphplist works correct
ckeditor is problem

Is this the file system path or relative to the web root? It appears to be the latter. You do not need the public_html/lists if your subdomain is news.xxxx

So then you can access phplist at

Everything you have given seems inconsistent. Try to install phplist in the correct place, then set $pageroot to reflect that.

Thank you for you fast supporting!
Have you a best practise work for installartion
With subdomain.

Thx dlso mutch

@Benusa Have you seen the installation guide

Usually people copy the lists folder to the web root directory, so then the url will be something like
This allows phpist to co-exist with other web applications as it has its own directory.

A subdomain is not really any different to a main domain, just ensure that the website address on the Settings page is the subdomain.

I have rebuilt the installation. Templates, etc.
Much work but it is now.
Thank you for the good support