Check/list all emails that are not yet processed in a campaign

Good Day!

How can I populate all the users/emails that are not yet processed in a draft campaign, basically I stopped the campaign in the midst of sending emails, I have a total of 2000+ emails and the number of process/sent emails is 700.

Is there a way to know those emails that is not part of that 700 list or vice versa?

I’ve looked into the database table but I didn’t succeed to find it.

The usermessage table will show you to which users the message was sent.

But, if the message content was wrong and you want to change it, you have two choices

  • edit the message and resubmit it. phplist will send it to only those subscribers
    who it was not sent to before you suspended the message
  • create a new message and send that. phplist will send that to all subscribers.

Yes, indeed. phpList only sends the campaign to each subscriber once, so if you re-send it, it will not go out to those who already had it, only to those who did not.