Charset doesn't change in subscribe pages


I’m using an old version : 2.10.10

I have list both in english and in french. In french, if I put a french character with an accent - for exemple, “à” - in a subscribe page, phplist delete all the text in the field (problem occurs only in subscribe page).

I have configuret both text messages and html messages as UTF-8 in the configuration page, but if I look at the code of a subscribe page, I can see:

So, I guess I should change the charset manually for these pages… but I don’t know where find them.

Thanks !

You most likely will not find much help on older versions of phpList… but you can try this:
convert your French language into html using this page:
and then paste the resulting html source into the source version of your subscribe page.

You need to update :slight_smile: phpList 2 is not secure any more. If you are unsure, you can get paid support