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Changing the option of confirm to verify in the [WEBSITE]....?psubscribe

I wonder if there is a way to make that change, I tried to change it but then my subscriber page did not work anymore. So I just wonder.


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Please can you be more specific?

well it’s pretty specific, anyone knows phplist will use the same public sub and unsubscribes like this:
[WEBSITE]/lists/?p=unsubscribe I want to change that to something like this


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I suggest using apache mod_rewrite (or the equivalent for your Webserver). Alternatively you could experiment with changes to lists/index.php like $_GET['p'] == 'subscribe'

What’s your use case, by the way?

just for security option to increase it a little. and yes I use apache. Are there any other web servers :slight_smile: !!

Great - it would be useful to others who desire security hardening to document the solution you end up with in the phpList manual. @maltfield has also worked on that in the past.

Please share your eventual solution here, and or make a pull request via GitHub to the manual repository (it’s just html).

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@itlinux That’s a good idea. Did you ever implement it? If yes, are you running nginx or apache or ?

And would you mind sharing your solution? Thanks!