Changing Dates for CSV Export

I’m trying to export csv files of my phplist mailing lists, but the system seems to have updated what dates it can export from.

When I go to lists/admin/?page=members&id=1 or any other list, I can see that the list is in there. But it requires me to enter the dates of the records I wish to export and the oldest date possible is Jan 1, 2019. I need the oldest date to be like 2009.

Any suggestions of where I can edit the available dates for export or any other workaround?

This is an old install of version 2.10.12 and, while I’m planning to do a more current install, I need to clean my old mailing lists and I plan to segment differently going forward. So I do need the old exports.

I tried the workaround at Export subscribers doesn't work but I think maybe I do not have the permissions, or maybe I put it in the wrong directory, as it did not really work; either denied me or created the download box but there was nothing to select. But it also does not select all the data, so fixing the date dropdown would be my ideal solve.

@AmeliaG There are two settings in config.php for the start and end year for the date drop-down.

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Thank you so so so much, Duncan! That worked perfectly to solve the issue. I could have sworn I’d looked all through the config file, but apparently not. You are such a lifesaver, you really improved my month :star_struck: