Changes in html page while sending the campaign


A quick question.

I´m sending a campaign, the content is an html page. This campaign was interrupted so there are mail to be sent yet.

My question is, how does php list handles this kind of sending, does it fetches the page once at the beginning and then sent it to the list, does it monitor the page during the sending operation or does it fetches every time?

I would like to change the html page and send the new version only to the unsent mails only, is it possible?


There is a setting in config file that specifies how often to update the html in the email.

you should put this into your config.php file:

# send a webpage. You can send the contents of a webpage, by adding
# [URL:http://website/file.html] as the content of a message. This can also be personalised
# for users by using eg
# [URL:http://website/file.html?email=[email]]
# the timeout for refetching a URL can be defined here. When the last time a URL has been
# fetched exceeds this time, the URL will be refetched. This is in seconds, 3600 is an hour
# this only affects sending within the same "process queue". If a new process queue is started
# the URL will be fetched the first time anyway. Therefore this is only useful is processing
# your queue takes longer than the time identified here.

It’s set to update the html once an hour… (3600 seconds)

Thank you Dan, you´r always here!

phplist is really a great software.

There only one thing I don´t like but possibly it´s just a configuration I haven´t done. Some tables grow huge like the bounce table that stores a blob of the sent message I suppose, the other day I truncated other 2 or 3 tables, user something that were already huge too… Is there a way to not store all this info in the database so the systems runs smoother ?



Happy you like it!