Change the email address from which the campaigns are sent

I need to change the email address from which the campaigns are sent.
Where can I do this?
Thank you

Log in to your phpList admin pages, choose Config on the left hand side menu, then Settings, then drop down the page until you find Campaign Settings and change the Default From email address.

You can simply use an email address:-
or add a display name:- my name

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You can also change the From address per campaign. Create or edit your campaign, then on the content tab update the “From line” field.

This is handy when you use a single installation to send campaigns from different groups or simply need the reply-to address to differ from the default.

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You need to edit config at the location too.
/var/www/phplist-3.3.9/public_html/lists/config# vi config.php

I spend 3 days to find this and now working for office 365 email address!
Subrato Ghosh

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@sghosh Thank you for sharing your experience, and welcome to the phpList forum!

Does this increase the possibility of your message going to the spam folder?

Which lines needs to be updated?