Change schedule of queued campaign

I have a campaign that I currently have scheduled to send once a day at a set time, but I’ve changed my mind about this.

My situation is that I have people registering for an upcoming webinar. I manually created one list for all registrants (SEND) and another for the latest list of cancelations (OMIT – which I omit from the campaign). I manually update the members of each list once a day.

I’d like to be able to resend the campaign to new list members as soon as I update both lists. If that isn’t possible, is there a simple way to revise the sending schedule without the campaign getting resent to subscribers who already got it?

@Veramilo2 You can requeue a campaign whenever you want. phplist will send it only to new subscribers, it doesn’t send a campaign to the same subscriber more than once.

Thank you @duncanc

Can you tell me how to requeue on campaigns that have a daily embargo? I only see a suspend button. When I click it, I see a requeue button but clicking that displays the same embargo time as before.

The alternative that I THINK might work (but I’m not sure and don’t want to risk it) is to click the VIEW button on an active campaign, then click EDIT CAMPAIGN to send it back to the DRAFT queue. I then make my changes to the schedule and put it back in the queue. This will then NOT resend to anyone who already got this campaign. Is this correct?

@Veramilo2 Yes, you need to edit the campaign to remove the requeue period so that you can resubmit the campaign after you have updated the list