Change phpList favicon

Hi i am looking to replace the phpList favicon in the browser tab with my own favicon.
So i would like to know in which file should i write the respective html code to do the needful.
I tried writing the code to change the favicon in the pagetop_minified.php file but it did not work.

<link rel="icon" id="favicon" type"image/png" href="./images/sitlogo.png" />

This is the line of code that i had inserted into the pagetop_minified.php file. But to no avail.
So anybody with relevant information please help.

Thanks in advance.

Easiest way I’ve found is to replace the phpList ico file with your own icon, and call it phplist.ico thus overwriting the default icon file.

If you haven’t got your icon image as an ico file, check out this page on Google

Alternatively, you probably need to give the full url to your image which may work.

Thamk you for sharing this info.
I do have a .ico file of my icon image.
Will try to implement your suggestion and see how it works out for me.
Also it would be of great help if instead of renaming the my own .ico file to phplist.ico
If i could just use the name of my own icon image.
But nonetheless thank you for the help.
Really appreciated.

I finally got in working
i replaced the phplist.ico file with my own .ico file and it worked properly.
Also i did not replace my .ico file with the name of phplist.ico, instead i used my own icon image name.
I edited these details in the pagetop_minified.php file located in the admin\ui\dressprow folder

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