Change page title name via general settings -> organisation name not working

Hi, I would like to change from Phplist :: phplist - page name at (all) page title to only Organisation name set in general settings, wich I already did, but nothing changes. Please help. I am using phplist latest version, 3.2.6.

@ftbarata I think that you need to change a value in the config file

$installation_name = 'phpList';

Hi @duncanc, thanks. But now I have phplist :: My organisation name :: page name.

I want to remove or replace the “phplist” first part. How to do it?

I found. It’s in admin/index.php

Comment out:

print ‘’ . NAME . ’ :: ';
if (isset($GLOBALS[‘installation_name’])) {
print $GLOBALS[‘installation_name’] . ’ :: ';
print “$page_title”;

And just put:

print " Some stuff - $page_title";