Change message recommendation

Whenever I bulk remove email addresses I see this output:

  • All done, 5 emails processed
  • 5 emails blacklisted
  • 0 emails deleted
  • 0 emails not found
  • 5 subscribers could not be deleted, because they have already received campaigns

I’ve been using this software for probably 15 years now, and have never figured out the meaning of “subscribers could not be deleted, because they have already received campaigns.” Why would you need to say this? It is only confusing. I recommend changing this message to something that has actual meaning, as to me, it is only confusing.

@keeenone You might be misunderstanding what this function is trying to do.

The page title is “Remove subscribers”. It will delete only those subscribers who have not been sent any campaigns. Subscribers who have been sent campaigns will not be deleted, I guess because they may still be active and try to click links in a campaign which would otherwise fail.

If you check the “add emails to blackist” checkbox then the subscriber is also added to the blacklist regardless of being deleted.

In your example, all 5 subscribers must have been sent campaigns so were not deleted. The text that you are complaining about is trying to explain that.
You must also have checked the checkbox so those 5 subscribers were marked as blacklisted.

Well, given your explanation I can only now ask why it would not remove users who’ve already received a campaign? :grinning: If the function is to remove users, then it should remove them regardless of any status.

Also, how I use this function, and probably the way most people do, is as a way to quickly blacklist a list of emails that were extracted from a mailbox where our email were reported by the user as spam–thus adding them to our black list. I am glad to hear that it does correctly add them to this list.

The Suppression List function, also on the Manage Subscribers page, does that.