Change functionality of default/main page to the functionality of the admin page


Phplist has a “default” and “admin” page.

The default page is accessed via

Where the admin might be

The initial admin page allows the user/admin to login with the subsequent page then showing the different actions…

I’m interested in being able to basically “move” the admin page/logic (admin/index.php") to the frontside/default page (var/www/html/phplist/index.php) so a user would see/access the signup/login on the default page.

I’ve looked at the logic in the admin/index.php file. I can’t simply copy the contents of the admin/index.php -> ./index.php as the admin/index.php file has a number of relative file locations pointing to the “admin” folder/files…

This is part of my walking through how I can rework the phplist for the app/logic I need!

Thoughts/comments are welcome.

ps. Given that some of my questions aren’t really directly related to the actual/base phplist app, is there a separate forum I can/should post these issues/questions to?



I think you may be slightly confused by phpList public and Admin pages.

The admin pages are there for you (or your admin) to set up lists and subscribe pages so that people can sign up to your lists.

I believe that once you set up a subscribe page, where people can sign up for your newsletters/lists or whatever, use the link to this to show people where to sign up.

for example, domain/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1

Hi Dragonrider.

Nope… I’m getting a good feel for phplist…

However, I’m looking at “changing” the app to be able to modify it to what I want. The resulting app won’t really be used to do the usual admin/subscriber – mailing list management processes.