Change font, add images etc

Hi guys,

We have been using PHPlist for a few years now and we never had any trouble, until now. We don’t have the ability to add images or change the font, etc. We are using version 3.0.12.
I also included a screenshot:
If I recall correctly, at the top of the box we could do all sorts of things, i.e. adding pictures.

Does anyone have any idea why this has changed and what we can do to solve this matter?



Point one, 3.0.12 is now way out of date, highly recommended to upgrade to 3.2.5 once issue sorted.

Looking at your screenshot, it does show your TXT email window, not HTML editor, so images, fonts etc are not available in text only emails…


Thanks for you reply. Yes, we will try to update as soon as possible.
Can you tell me how I get to the HTML editor? When I press the “generate from HTML” button in step 2 (the one from the screenshot), nothing changes. Am I missing something or am I doing the wrong thing?

Please understand that we only use PHPlist a few times per year, so we are not very experienced.


HTML editor is on the first tab marked Content.

Once you have created your HTML message, you can try the “generate from HTML” option on Tab 2 (Text). Remember, images, fonts etc are available in the HTML content but the text option is exactly that, text only emails.

Hope that helps?


Thank you for your elaborate reply.
As you can see on the image below, the things shown on your image, do not show on my screen. Someone else told me that it might have to do with the FCKeditor plugin (which is still enabled and unchanged).


Personally I prefer CKEditor plugin, available from

Install that, disable FCKEditor, enable CKEditor and see if that clears things up.

Just a thought, which version of PHP are you running?

I updated PHPlist to the latest version. This one always includes the CKEditor.
There was something wrong with the FCKEditor somehow.
All is well now, thank you.

Hi. Can I add a font to the default fonts? How do I do this?