Captcha breaks subscription page

Hi everyone - and a happy new year!

I got the problem that with the Captcha Plugin (2.1.0+20161129) enabled the 3.3.1 phpList subscription page (page=spageedit) breaks on line 245 (last tags ). So no other choices, no button to save etc. When I disable everything is instantly back

The server is running on PHP Version 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

Do I something wrong, did I forget something or is this a configuration coincidence / bug?

I would be glad to get some suggestions how to resolve this other than depending on Google (again…) with their reCaptcha alternative



@skipper Please show the htm that you think is badly formed. Use the code button </> so that it is displayed properly.


Thanks for your fast answer… That’s kind.

It happens with the ‘standard code’ - See below. Could it be in the ‘main content’? I’m using the dutch translation. Although I tried allready in the English language but this didn’t help neither

What do you mean by ‘the code button’?

Place of the plugin
And also I’m not sure about the place of the Captcha directory. Should the whole ‘phplist-plugin-captcha-master’ be placed in the plugin directory - the actual situation - or only it’s content: CaptchaPlugin (dir) and CaptchaPlugin.php (which seems more in line with the other plugins). But what to do in that case with the other files?

I tried both, but without succes. Even without any apparent difference (?): in both cases I’m able to configure the plugin on the phpList plugin page…

The securimage dir is installed on /captcha/securimage

Let me know if you need more information

Thank you so far


(HTML deleted)

@skipper Please follow the installation instructions on the Github page, but I want to see the actual html that is causing the problem, you appear to have copied something else.


Yes I did read the Github page, but because of the content of the plugin itself (including another plugin-directory), it is not 100% clear for me.

Besides this I did not find the PLUGIN_ROOTDIR in the phpList config.php. Would the command "define(‘PLUGIN_ROOTDIR’, ‘captcha’);"be the right command to put the Captcha plugin elsewhere? In that case I should move alsop the other plugins I guess (?)

Any way, perhaps this is even not the main problem. See below the complete html of the actual subscription page (It’s not on a production server for the moment)

(html deleted)

This is what you said in your first post but so far you haven’t shown the problem.

This is the line you need:
define(‘PLUGIN_ROOTDIR’, ‘plugins’);

You will find it in the config/config_extended.php file which is there to show all the options available in phpList.

Sure I did, but perhaps a little bit too hidden:

So no other choices, no button to save etc.

I meant dat the page in the admin section really stops after this line. So I cannot scroll down further as the textarea message ‘Content of the message they receive when they unsubscribe’. So the tab ‘Select the lists to offer’ and the button ‘Save changes’ are missing with the plugin enabled.

In such a case you might think ‘a file got corrupted’. That’s what I thought also. But after uploading a fresh install (except the config files) the same phenomen did occur.


Hi Dragonrider,

Sorry, I really did overread it in the extended config file (…).

I will experiment with it. So - once well configured - should I move the whole plugins directory of the phpList admin-dir to it?



Yes, plugin directory is found in lists/admin/plugins and you have all your plugins, files and directories in there.
Then simply have this line in your config.php file
define(‘PLUGIN_ROOTDIR’, ‘plugins’);

@skipper You need to install Common Plugin as well, although that is not mentioned in the documentation. See


And for a working Captcha plugin only the file CaptchaPlugin.php and the directory CaptchaPlugin in the phpList plugins-dir should be enough? (Besides the securimage dir in - in my case - the webroot /captcha/securimage dir of course)

Dear Gentlemen,

Solved and fixed! Thanks for all your help and patience. And the Common plugin “to be added to the documentation” specially for people like me I should say… -:wink:

I have been impressed by your helpfulness and assistance… Thanks

Best regards