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Can't sens a link

Hello, iám new here, thansk for reading my problem.

When i make a mail to send to my list, i can’t put a link into it.
When i write hello read my STORY and i want people to clic on the word story to go to my page, i do that with the paperclip or in source. I put there for example http://www. nicesite. com but when i receive the message in my mailbox the link ww.nicesite is now something like (http:// and so not correct.
when i put the whole line in my letter like http://www. nicesite. com without using the a href or paperclip it works well.
Also when i want the same way give a picture a url it doesnt work.
i hope someone knows what i am talking about and can help me!

@RonaldR phplist has link tracking so that you can see how many subscribers have clicked each link. That causes the long URLs that you showed. This feature is enabled by default but you can disable it by adding this to the config.php file

define('CLICKTRACK', 0);
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