Can't see views, clicks and so on after forcing to https

Hi guys, I’m happily running phplist 3.2.3 with no issues since my last post in april '16.
My provider gave the opportunity to have a certificate and move everything under https, so did I, forcing https adding these rows to .htaccess

RewriteBase /phplist/

Redirect to HTTPS

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
DirectoryIndex index.php

I had to change my cron jobs to handle curls calls and now mails are sent and bounces are managed properly.

What I’m experiencing is that clicks, views etc. are not recorded anymore …

(btw I had a look to Settings and all subscription links were automatically changed to https)

I have to change something else somewhere, I guess … Any idea ?

Thanks a lot

Having a look at config.php, it is still

Public protocol

phpList will automatically use the protocol you run the admin interface on for clicktrack links and

tracking images

but if you want to force this to be http, when you eg run the admin on https, uncomment the below line

see also


Admin protocol

similar to the above, if you need to force the admin pages on either http or https (eg when behind a

proxy that prevents proper auto-detection), you can set it here


… customer is complaining about not seeing statistics anymore … :frowning: :frowning:
can someone give me an advice … please … :slight_smile:

@edorizzi You will need to try to debug the problem. From an email you can get the urls for user tracking and for image tracking, then access those directly from your browser. If you use developer tools in your browser then you can see what response phplist is sending.

thank you Duncan.
I just started a test campaign having just me as recipient.
can you pls. tell me where I can find those urls ?
I’m using Mac OSX Mail, I can see raw source or All headers: it seems to me that the only links I can see are:

list unsubscribe, list help, list subscribe in the headers, plus forward-to and unsubscribe links as per defined footer (all http; I’m working on the site as admin using https)

There’s also a link like

=0A<img src=3D"https://[mysite]/phplist/ut.php?u=3D7df1c37927=
9dfe6ee3983ddcb774f6b9&m=3D167" width=3D"1" height=3D"1" border=3D"0" a=
lt=3D"" />

if I copy/paste that url in my browser (https://[mysite]/phplist/ut.php?u=3D7df1c37927=
9dfe6ee3983ddcb774f6b9&m=3D167) I can’t connect to …

The email has been converted to quoted-printable so you need to remove the 3D sequences, and join multiple lines together


as soon as I manually open that ur,l my view appears in statistics …

@duncanc so it seems that the server is responding properly when the url is pasted in a browser, but nothing happens when recipients open the mail … shall I double check something else ?
Thanks a lot for your kind support …

@edorizzi You could look at the web server access log to see whether the requests are being received. If not then something is blocking them.

What is the result when you view an email in a web browser, such as for a gmail or yahoo address?

Are link clicks not working at all or just not being recorded?

@duncanc I have the same result if I open the mail with gmail on a web browser.

re: your last question, every link does work, but it is not recorded

I think I have to open a ticket to my service provider.

@duncanc Hi, I’m doing some tests with my provider.
what is happening is that the link that appears in message
does NOT work, but the same with http is fine (and redirected to https)

any idea ?