Can't mass delete receivers after Upgrade to 3.2.0

Hi There,

the Company Workflow of a clients need mass deleting of receivers (“Remove Subscribers Action”).
With new update to 3.2.0 mass deletion of receivers isn’t possible if receiver already received a newsletter.
Error Message:
“1 subscribers could not be deleted, because they have already received campaigns”

Is it possible to enable deletion again. Is there any option, solution for this?

Thanks in advance,
Hannes from TOHATEC

Hi, are you using services by any chance?

Hi Anna,

thanks for your answer.
We are self hosting the service.

Yes, apparently it was added at some point recently. There is usually a fundamental misunderstanding which leads people to want to “delete” subscribers.

It’s bad practice to delete subscribers because you lose loads of data, any links sent to them stop working etc. If you want to remove a person from being sent to again, they should really be blacklisted. This way the data is not lost and phpList can function as expected.

Often deletion is used by spammers as a way to get around anti-spam features, for example.

Hope that is helpful?