Can't manage plugins after upgrade to 3.3.3 from 3.3.1

I just upgraded from 3.3.1 (which has 2 plugins: fckphplist and simpleattributeselect) to 3.3.3. Now when I go to Manage plugins, only those two appear and all I can do is disable them, tho the upgrade seems to have installed OK. There’s no mention of the packaged ones, nor any option to do anything else on that page. The admin/plugins directory has the Invite, CKEditor, Segment, and Captcha plugins and all are chmod’ed 777 (except the directories), owned by me, and I am logged in phplist as super admin. And CKEditor is not working (tested by disabling fckphplist).

Note that I do get the message about not having “URL-aware fopen …” installed appearing there, but (1) I shouldn’t need that in order to do manual plugin installs/updates and (2) I’m reluctant to set this on my server for security reasons.

Interestingly, unless I login as root, I cannot even look into the relevant plugin directories – gives me access violations if I try (they look ok when I login as root). No idea why that’s happening.

I’m running PHP5.4.
Any ideas?


@BaliDave Your screenshot is listing the “.../plugins” directory not the default plugin directory so you appear to have tried to change it and might be looking at the wrong directory.

What is the value for PLUGIN_ROOTDIR in the config.php file?

Duh!! Sorry, I never thought to check that and had changed it eons ago. Anyhow all’s well now (tho still puzzled about not being able to see some files in a shell). Sorry for the noise. Thanks.