Can't login with admin pw

I haven’t used the PHPLIST app for a while, but now I can’t login. I can access the site, but not log into phplist. The config file shows that the password hasn’t changed, but I get a “Incorrect Password” error.

One message suggests that a similar problem occurred that was solved by updating the phplist app. However, without accessing the dashboard, I don’t know how to update it. Should I do a reinstall?

@weldmet The admin ids and passwords are stored in the database not the config file.

If you have access to the database then you can modify the password field of the admin table to be the plain text password. phplist will accept that when you login, and then hash the value to store it securely.

Thank you, this worked.

I’m trying to follow the instructions under Upgrade, and it says to essentially delete everything in the lists directory and upload the new lists directory. I tried to do this using FileZilla, but there are so many files and directories that it failed. Can you suggest an alternative? I’m reticent to try to simply unzip the file into the lists directory because everything in the archive is below the “phplist-3.6.14” directory, not the lists directory.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

@weldmet If you have access to the web server directly, not just through FTP, then the simplest way is to upload the zip file to a directory outside of phplist and unzip the zip file there.

You can then rename the current phplist directory, so that it is not deleted, and rename and move the unzipped directory.

Thank you for your help.