Can't add subscribers through the internet

I’ve had some problems dealing with the paid support so I started from scratch in the hopes of fixing the problem. I downloaded and installed the latest version (3.6.8) and uploaded the CSV file I had made from the older version. Everything looks like it should with a serious exception. As it did with the older version the system will not take subscriptions over the internet. ?p=subscribe generates this error message: " Sorry, sending the message to request your confirmation failed, please click “Reload” to try again. If it still does not work, please contact the administrator."

I can add subscriptions manually from the PHPlist admin but new subscribers are out of luck. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.

@fmw1 phplist is trying to send a confirmation request email to the subscribed email address, and that is failing. Look on the event log page for anything there. Possibly your mail server is rejecting the email due to an invalid From address.

Still fussing with it. I’m wondering if I used the SMTP function to send emails, that might fix the problem. How do I change to the SMTP mail server on my web server?

@fmw1 That is explained in the file lists/config/config_extended.php but add the settings to the config.php file.