Cannot set the maintenance mode on! during phpList Updater

Hi, when running the phpList Updater it jumps immediately to the last step “Perform update” and returns an error message:

Updater is loading
Cannot set the maintenance mode on!

This happens when trying to update from v3.6.6 to v3.6.7. It also happened in all earlier versions and I tried to investigate the problem a couple of times, unsuccessfully. The used accound is a super administrator.

I attached a screenshot of the message.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions…? Thanks in advance!!

@isfmiho You will need to manually remove rows from the config table using phpmyadmin. There are a few earlier topics in this forum regarding this.
Look for rows “maintenancemode” and “update_in_progress”

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Thank you duncanc,

I removed the items “maintenancemode” and “update_in_progress” from table “phplist_config” using phpmyadmin.

The update seems to come a step further, although it stops with the error message:

Updater is loading
Could not move plugins directory

Do I need to manually move directories?

@isfmiho It sounds like there is a file permissions problem. All files and directories need to be writeable by the web server process so that it can copy, move and delete them. But the code does check that earlier in the process, so there might be some other cause.

In the lists directory there might be a temporary directory created by the updater tmp_uploaded_update/tempplugins
Check the file permissions of that, also of the lists directory itself.

Otherwise, I would just update phplist manually.

Thank you again @duncanc. I needed to create the folder “tmp_uploaded_update” as a subfolder in “lists” by myself and could continue.

Now the update process is stuck in status

Old files have been deleted!

and the dashboard cannot be accessed anymore.

Do you have an idea how to fix that?

(So far I performed manual updates but I thought it would be more convenient to set up the updater once and have a one-click procedure afterwards.)

@isfmiho The updater should have created that directory itself, which does suggest a permissions problem.

Now I think the code has been moved so there is probably nothing installed. You should do a manual upgrade, then ensure that all directories and files have the correct permission. If you have command line access then that can be done using the chown command.

Thanks again @duncanc. I could fix my installation with a manual upgrade.

I am checking the phplist-manual but I’m not sure where to find the “permission” section!?
Can I do that without the command prompt? I think my webspace provider does not provide command prompt access.

@isfmiho How do you manually install phplist? If you use cpanel then the file manager should be copying files with the correct permissions

Otherwise whatever file manager you use should have a way of viewing the permissions of each file and directory. But they should all be the same.

Hi @duncanc, I use FileZilla. I did not change any permissions manually. 755 is also what I have for the folders, and 644 for the files.