Cannot Reset Password

No matter what I do or try I cannot reset my password on my new phpList account. Please tell me what to try to do.


Do you mean your admin user account on your own installation of phpList, or a phpList hosted account, or on the forums?

I have my website that I code but hosted by TSOHost. I loaded the program phpList from the host and was version 3.3.3. It said to reset password as soon as possible. So would be my own admin password. There are more issues as I asked it to send me my password thinking I could reset it that way but never got any emails. I tried signing up for newsletter with another email address and never received any emails. I cannot get it to send me any emails to any email address at all. Now I cannot even get signed into the program. I did something and forced an install of files and it then asked me to give password so gave it one and now cannot get in at all. Should I uninstall and start over and if so how, what version, and how to reset password. I am finding this to be a difficult program to even get started with so I must be doing something wrong. Hope you can help. Thanks

If I’m understanding correctly that a) you used an installation tool provided by the hosting company and b) you’ve never successfully used phpList, I would definitely recommend uninstalling everything since you have nothing to lose in doing so. Then I would see if you can install it yourself, and definitely get the latest version from here:

As you work through the installation, pay close attention to what passwords are being assigned. At the least you’ll need one for the database and one for phpList (as the admin).

This process of creating the database and installing the software will vary from one host to another, and I’m not familiar with yours, so I can’t give more specific guidance. Also, I’m a “do it myself” kind of person, so I avoid any helper scripts and such, which might not be your preferred approach.

Agree with @Crenel84 about how to continue.
I do know TSOHost as I have a few sites with them. If you are still struggling to change your admin password after re-installing, get back to us.

If you have access to the phpList database (via phpMyAdmin?), you can change the password manually in the phplist_admin table… just type in the new password for the user ‘admin’ record, and you’ll be good to go on that issue.

Ok Thanks to all that helped. It took all day and many hours of uploading to get it right but looks like it is fine. At least with no errors. I will test later to see if it works. Thanks again. I uninstalled and loaded newest version and followed directions just like Crenel84 said to do. Thanks danwaterloo for your idea but since old version anyway I just started over. Look forward to being able to send out newletters now.

I am not sure if I need to start another thread or if someone can help with the next problem. I will tell you and someone can tell me if I need another thread.

It all set up fine and I set up my subscriber lists. I did some testing with no luck at all. I tried signing up with another email address and it would not send that email address the link to confirm. That email address does show up as an unconfirmed user. So it got to the program but the program did not send out the confirmation email.

I also sent a test campaign to the one user, me, as a test but it did not send out the email.

So it looks like the program is set up right but is not sending emails out.

Here is what I did, and forgive me for not giving the correct technical names and ideas correctly. I did work in the confi file. I changed the 1 to a 0 in test line and I added the lines for using email off site just like the setup said.

so what is my next step, fix, check, etc? Does look like the program will do what i want if i can get it to work so all the help I can get will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.