Cannot Reach Support with Hosted PHPList

We have been trying to reach hosted version for 3 days. We have paid and are set up, but are having problems with delivery. Have paid for a Plus account. The number listed in Facebook cannot be completed. Is there soneone who can assist?

Only the support people for the paid accounts have access to the system to make any changes.

We have a paid Plus account. We have sent tickets. There has been no reply except for auto-reply mails.

Can you get in touch with hosted support?

We have everything set up correctly, but our test messages still end up in spam. Looking at the original headers, it says spf and dkim pass, but it still ends up in the Gmail spam folder. We are using a custom domain which is set up correctly, but the address is still in the headers. In the List: headers, it shows the owner with a gmail address.