Cannot login into Admin -> no valid Token?!

Hello everyone,
I just installed 3.6.7, obviously without the proper configuration for an email sending device.
After having a cup-a-tea, the System won’t let me in anymore, nor can it send me a new password :frowning:
I kept getting the message, that there is no valid Token, so I deleted all DB entries in admintoken
Is there a kind of a Reset-Button to get back into Admin?

Thanks from a newbee

@ots Edit the password field on the admin table to be your actual password (usually it is a hash of the password). phplist will let you login and will then store the hash of the password in the table.

… thanks Duncan, worked like a breeze :smile:

Hi there, I am new to phplist (version 3.6.7, server runs php 7.4) and have a similar issue. After installation I want to login but am advised the PW is invalid. I went to the admin table, removed he hash in password and entered the clear pw.

Then I opened a private window but am still advised that my password is wrong.

Are there other solutions out there?