Can you suppress a domain with phpList?

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Pre-installation question. Can domains be suppressed or blacklisted such as * ?


You mean not allow subscribers from specific domains?

Hi again thank you for another reply. : )

Suppressing certain domains from sending to. We do all we can to block certain domains in our list. We would like a extra layer of assurance by blocking the entire domain from sending to. So instead of suppressing each user like this by entering each user for that domain we would like to suppress he entire domain instead It’s less database work for us and effectively gets the job done.

Out of interest, why do you block specific domains?

@ewood The Disposable email address blocker plugin will let you block people subscribing on specific domains (you would need to add those domains that you want to block to the set inside the plugin).

In case someone does get subscribed the plugin also blocks sending campaigns to the subscribers on those domains.

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Probably due to number of Russian, Urkanian & Latvian domain using spammers hitting forums and signing up to phpList newsletters currently.

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