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Can the Reply-To address be assigned?

Hi All,

I’ve searched how to set the Reply-To when sending and found only ‘why would you want to do that’ type answers.

Because: We have a club with a members list where we send newsletters, no issues there. But we also send email to the members list where we need to direct the replies back to a responsible party, which can vary. This is a valid mail-sending scenario and “Reply-To:” header is commonly used by mail sending agents, and we accept the potential problems with the use of a Reply-To address. Also, being a club, these are personal email addresses and we cannot force folks to check an account in the “From:” domain for replies.

In case I overlooked the feature, is phpList geared toward no-reply/newsletter type mail only or is this something that may be taken up? If phpList does not support the feature, does anyone have suggestions? I know mailman works but was hoping to use phpList as it has some nice features.


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