Can someone walk me through how to upgrade to the latest version?

I’ve been using PHP list for years, but it was installed by someone who i’m no longer in touch with. I have no idea how to upgrade to the newest version. Can someone give me a simple, step by step description of how to upgrade? I am not a coder or computer genius, just a regular person with average computer skills. Thanks.

Best way is to follow the steps in the manual for upgrading your phpList.

Thanks for response. When I get to this part of the process, I am lost:
"Back up your database
The method of doing this will depend on your hosting provider. In this example we use cpanel. Click on the MySQL Databases icon. "

I am using Fetch for my database, but I can not locate any PHPlist stuff in my database. I have looked around at all the folders and there is nothing called PHPlist.
My web hosting provider is HostGo. I have contacted them as well but not heard back. Unfortunately the person who helped me set my database up in the first place is no longer available.

To back up your database you need to use your web hosting cPanel (Plesk or cPanel etc). Find the database and make a backup copy, it should be fairly strightforward on how to go about this, or Google how to back up a MySQL database.

Also, if you don’t know the name of the database schema used by phpList, it’s in your config.php file, which is in the config directory.

Thanks for the responses. Here is what Hostgo told me. I am still not sure what a cPanel is or how to proceed.:

Have you installed phplist under the folder named ‘lists’? If so here is the database details:

$database_name = “pierrede_phplist”;

$database_user = “pierrede_plst1”;


Using Fetch, I found “Public,” then “Lists”, then “Config” then I found a file called “config.php” .
Is this the only thing I need to back up?

Hey thanks for all the help, i figured it out. Much appreciated.

No, it’s the database itself you need to backup. Have you managed to do this??

I finally figured this out and got the new version loaded. Thanks so much for your help and patience!

Hey thanks to all who helped. Is there a way to mark this conversation “Solved” and give positive reviews?