Can NOT log in. Will NOT send email to update password. HELP

Bluehost tech support writes:Resolution Details:
I am following up on this case regarding issues with receiving “forgot password” emails from phpList :: phpList :: Dashboard. I was able to replicate the error you were receiving. Unfortunately, nothing is being reported in any PHP error_log or Apache error_log in order to determine any cause of this behavior. Bluehost does not provide support for custom 3rd party applications. Because of this, we ask that you reach out to your developer in order to further troubleshoot this issue.

Who can fix this? Thank you.

If you can get at the control panel for the server, then using phpMyAdmin, go into the database, and change the password for the admin account.

Hi Dan:
Thank you very much. Your advice worked. Well done. Bravo. I’m back in business.