Can not install PLUGINS, base map (root) not

The CKeditor is not available.
When I try to install it, I get :
The plug-in base map (root) is not writable, install new plug-in manual

(De plugin basismap (root) is niet beschrijfbaar, installeer nieuwe plugins handmatig.)

PHPlist 3.2.3
PHP 5.2.17

You need to upgrade your PHP version to a minimum of 5.4, preferably 5.5 if available. Try that and see if it helps, get back to us once you’ve done this.

If you need to install plugins manually, then Follow the instructions given on the CKEditor plugin page.

@erik6 Have you changed the value of the plugins directory in your config file?
But CKEditor is now included in the phplist release so you shouldn’t need to install it.
Please explain more precisely what you have done.

@duncanc I have changed nothing yet. The menu to create the newsletters text and layout is not available.

The current phplist release is 3.2.4 so you should install that instead of 3.2.3.
Also, as suggested, you need to upgrade your version of php as that may also be causing problems.

My hosting company updated my PHp and PHplist software.
Still, the menu is not available in the editor in Phplist.
I have installed the program in the ROOT directory of the site.

Please can you explain more clearly what you have done and what is not working? Which version of php and of phplist are now installed?

What do you mean by “the menu is not available in the editor”?

On the Manage Plugins page, have you enabled CKEditor Plugin or fckeditor plugin?

When I check in CONFIG - PLUGINS, the list is empty.
This is the menu:

I have access to CKEditor here :
http://my site/ckeditor/samples/index.html

If the Manage Plugins page has no plugins listed then it appears that you have not installed phplist correctly. That page should show the CKEditor plugin and the fckeditor plugin, which are both included in phplist.

I suggest removing phplist and reinstalling. See for guidance.

There is no folder names “lists” in the public_html map on the server.
(Upload this /lists folder into your public_html file on your server.)

This is were I find it : public_html/phplist/admin/plugins/CKEditorPlugin/ckeditor

Are you saying that you have installed in the phplist directory instead of the lists directory? So you access phplist as ?

So long as you have copied all of the files then the two plugins should be available.
Have you changed the value for the plugin directory in your config file?

define('PLUGIN_ROOTDIR', 'plugins');