Can I use more than one config file?

I’m thinking that in order to have two differently-timed outbound email schedules I would need more than 1 config file.

I have a current config file that limits the number of emails being sent per sending period, i.e., send only 50 emails in 3600 seconds.

I would like to send another bunch of emails to different users using a different timing schedule say, all at once.

How can this be achieved without two installs on one server?

Thank you.

You can use two different configuration files, but phpList will only allow one processing of the queue at a time, so only one of the config files would be ‘active’ at a time.

As far as ‘binding’ one config file to one job and one config file to another job all within one database, it’s not setup to work in that way.

You would be better off using two installations, each with a config file. That way the two campaigns would be completely independent.

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Thanks Dan,

I remember a post where the author had a method for toggling the config file automatically in the setup somehow. There was more than 1 ocnfig file in the config directory and all I can recall was that there was some simple way to programmtically choose one config file or another.

You might want to search on the old forum for this post though I can’t remember it myself, trying it just now brings up 252 pages of results if you want to trawl them.