Can I remove the locale folder or files in it?

I run about a dozen instances of phpList and each has a locale folder containing, if I understand it correctly, various translations. Each of these is about 40 megabytes. However, all we need is the English version of the text. Can I delete the locale folder, or any files within it? And if I do so, will it just re-install them with the next upgrade?

I’ve done the same thing as I only use English language files so to save a little (very little) server space I only need the UK English files. So I keep the locale/en/ directory and don’t need the others really. But each language directory is sub 350Kb so I don’t know where you are getting 40 Mb from!

And yes, if you re-install the next upgrade, all the files are replaced, so I stopped bothering as the files are normally so small.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.
I can see all of those language files, which are as you say sub 350k each. But there’s a directory .svn under locale and within it another pristine which has 123 or so sub directories each named with a two-character code, all of which are valid hex numbers, i.e. about half of the 256 possible. All of these take up about 27MB.

Do you know if that .svn directory and its contents should be there?

Ah, found one mention of .svn in Mantis.

Reading the report suggests that the .svn directory was used by a development version and was accidently left in place. You should be able to remove them safely as they are not used.

Thanks, very helpful advice.