Can I refine an existing list based on contents of a field?

This is a TWO-PART question:

I have an option to subscribe to a newsletter that only announces special events in their country, U.S. state, or California region. In the description for each of those, I ask then to specify their area in the form above.

First: Aside from downloading the database and creating separate lists to upload, is there a way that I can do this strictly within the phpList interface?

Second: Is there a way that I can make my country, state, or region fields required ONLY if they select a newsletter than needs that info?

My guess is the answer is no for both, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.

@veramilo The segment plugin lets you send to a subset of list members based on the value of an attribute. Follow the “find plugins” link on the Manage Plugins page to find it.

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Thank you for the pointer!

I just went to the Segment plugin source. It says it works with PHP 3. Does that mean 3 or higher or only 3? I’m running 5.6. Is it compatible?

php V5.6, or greater, is what you need to run phpList, and any plugins.

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