Can I create something like a *parent* subscriber list?

For example, in the choices of newsletters for subscribers, I’d like something similar to this (note the hierarchy):

[ ] All Newsletters
[ ] All live events
[ ] in my country
[ ] in my state (U.S. only)
[ ] All online events
[ ] new courses
[ ] meet & greets
[ ] Special Announcements

If someone clicks All Newsletters, I’d like it to automatically select ALL the options below it in the hierarchy to indicate to the subscriber that they are subscribing to ALL newsletters (Special Announcements is a separate category so it wouldn’t be affected). If the subscriber then deselects new courses, it should also deselect All online events and All Newsletters but leave everything else unchanged.

Is this possible – I mean without special programming skills?

If you are wanting something to work ‘out of the box’, without any special programming, the answer is no, it doesn’t work that way. It would require some special programming, maybe a java script in your form that selects all of the newsletters when someone clicks on "ALL Newsletters’.

I see. Thank you.

Also, I just realized the hierarchies I set up in the block quote got stripped out. It doesn’t matter now anyway as I have my answer, but I’m sorry if that made my description confusing.