Can I bcc my email to a campaign?

Hi all,

Do you know if I can have every email sent out with phplist bcc’ed to a gmail account? This would be used just to keep track of all the emails sent and have them all in a gmail inbox. I’m talking just about a one time campaign to around 15000 emails.

Looking forward for some inputs.
Thanks all!

I’m not aware of any way that you could do this easily.

About the only thing that comes to mind is to customize the php file that sends the email, to add that header. It would not be straightforward or easy.

phpList keeps track of who was sent an email and the email content (the campaign), so perhaps your requirement is already filled by phpList as-is?

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I’m not sure I follow what you want to accomplish:

a) Send one campaign one time to ~15,000 recipients and get a copy of all ~15,000 messages where the only difference is the per-recipient customization.

b) Send multiple campaigns one time and get one copy of each campaign.

In the case of a) I’m not sure Gmail (or any other receiving system) wouldn’t choke – by design or by default – on a sudden influx of that many messages that almost identically match each other.

In the case of b), just add the “BCC” address as a regular subscriber. This is how I handled archiving all of my newsletters (one copy of each campaign) to Evernote, I added my send-to-Evernote email address as a subscriber.


It would be the first case indeed of sending just one campaign and receive a copy of every message, but it’s true the problem might not be just of sending them, but of receiving them.