Campain Statistics Plug-IN

Hi, I have already updated phpList to 3.4.0 V and then I have installed Campaign Statistics Plug-In, but when I have already activated, then I go to Advanced Statistics option. Then the plugin displays a graphic, but all the functionality of the plugin seems to be not working.

Can you help me, please?

You will need to explain exactly what you think is wrong or missing.

I’m going to add some images…

Basically it displays a graph; However, when wanting to navigate between the information and the pagination, the graph remains unchanged, as well as the detail of the information.

The navigation buttons on the page do not work the same way.

@rrosenbergg You have selected to display campaigns sent to the “Leads1” list, but there are only 5 campaigns to display (“mostrando 1 al 5 de 5”) . The <<|<|>|>> buttons are not active.

To display all campaigns you need to select that on the Listas tab.

Thank’s now it’s working…