Campaigns Statistics sending quantity Incorrect

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Here is my Hosting Environment
NGINX 1.21.4
MariaDB 10.5.13
php 7.4.27
exim 4.93
phplist 3.6.6

in the a few lists total 93 users. send 83 users,(10 users maybe bounce)
but send as HTML 488 ???

I can’t understand those Number meaning now.

@lesliecn The “Sent as HTML” figure of 488 is the number of attempts to send, so it looks like the majority failed initially but phplist then retried. Look at the Event Log page to see any errors that were reported.

The “Sent” figure of 83 seems to match what you expected.

@duncanc , is there a way to put ‘attempts’ as well as ‘sent’ on the campaign home page? if the attempts are massively different, it could have a ‘check the system log’ note?

@danwaterloo I think that fixing the “sent as html” and “sent as text” figures to reflect only successful sends would solve this problem. I can look into that. See

There is a “processed” column on the message table that I think is the number of attempts. Do you have any examples where that is greater than the “Sent” figure or the “Sent as html” + “sent as text” figures? I don’t see anywhere that the “processed” column is currently displayed.