Campaign surrounds [rss] placeholder with <p> tag

Hello! I am having an issue with the RSS plugin.

Whenever I send a campaign with the RSS plugin, it surrounds the entire [rss] placeholder with a <p> tag.

This is causing issues with the <p> tags that are in the feed.

I have tried to remove the <p> tags from the campaign and campaign template and they keep reappearing.

How can I prevent the <p> tag from surrounding the [rss] placeholder?

@AZBackroads this is caused by the ckeditor requiring that the entered text is well-formatted html.

There are editor config options to modify this behaviour, such as adding a div element or a br element, but the simplest approach is to edit the source of the message to replace the p element by a div element.

Okay, I see.

I have tried this and it’s working as expected.

On to the next test.

I will see how this divide acts when sent to post by email on WordPress.

Thanks again @duncanc