Campaign stops after 1 email if language is not englisch

Hello there,

phplist stops sending further emails after 1 email is sent if the UI language is german.
If I change the UI language to english it works perfectly.

I changed the UI language in the bottom left after the login.

What parameter could cause this behaviour? How do I fix it?

Thanks for this input.
It solved my issue.
I changed in the config.php $default_system_language from “de” to “en”.
Might solve your issue as well.

@Indiana.Horschd The problem looks to be related to the locale using comma instead of period as the decimal point.

Can you try making the small code change identified here to see whether it solves the problem? Just change ‘f’ to ‘F’ on four lines in file admin/connect.php then revert to using German language.

I made the changes.
I will update this post, when I send a new campaign.

Just started a new campaign.
The solution worked, mails are being send as they should.


@Indiana.Horschd Thanks for confirming that.