Campaign Statistics Bug: Reporting Conflicting Data

Hi everyone!

I am getting conflicting statistics data on many (not all) of my campaigns. The number of “Sent as HTML” emails displayed is higher than the number of total emails sent. This does not make sense to me currently.

I am not sure if some emails are going out twice or if this is just a problem in the statistics display.

Is this a known bug or is this specific to my installation?

  • I am using the Segment plugin to target a specific subset of the list - maybe this is causing the problem.
  • Could it be related to SMTP errors? Maybe some emails aren’t sent correctly?

Big thanks in advance!

@stevest That probably means there were errors when sending. Look at the Event log page to check that. ‘Sent as HTML’ really means “attempts to send”, not successful attempts.

Thanks you very much duncanc! That was indeed the problem - after fixing our SMTP server (send limit) the numbers are now matching!

Big thanks for your help!